Tres Tesoros

I hope you had a great holiday break.  For my family, it went by way too fast. We were all together for 2 weeks and as the kid grow older, it’s destined to be less.  They truly are our “Tres Tesoros”. This is a current photo we took while they were home for the holidays: Lauren, 23, Santiago, 21 and Pierce, 19.  

In its debut release, “Tres Tesoros” is featured in your Winter 2019 Wine Club.  This project was conceived over a dozen years ago on a family trip to Spain. After a few years of lack of focus, it is finally ready.  We would love to hear feedback about Tres Tesoros.  Tell us what you like about it, dislike about it, suggestions on how to improve it, and what you paired it with.  An Ernest Hemingway quote best describes how Tres Tesoros was created, “I never had to choose a subject - my subject rather chose me.”

Currently the vineyards are dormant.  We will start pruning at the end of January in preparation of Spring bud break, around the Ides of March.  Other great news from the vineyard - we are 100% organic. This is not a huge change, considering we have always been sustainable and environmentally conscious, but it’s just the right thing to do.  The final straw was the increasing evidence surrounding the chemical glysophates.  

Happy 2019!

-Chris Madrigal

Founder, President & Vintner